Wayne George

Wayne George

Wayne George

Biography and Works

I enjoy painting "what I see". My artwork has always been formed around realism. I started with sketching, progressed to oils, then to acrylics, and now back to oils. All of my work is completely sketched out, even to the smallest detail, prior to applying either oil or acrylic. I can get inspired in moments, or over days and weeks.

My work currently is mainly of aviation. I served with the United States Air Force during the Vietnam Era and that has been one big influence on my more recent paintings. I also enjoy landscape subjects, especially English settings from my travels to England.

I am a lifelong resident of Allegany County, Maryland. I worked for the State of Maryland for 37 years and retired in 2013. I am self taught with no formal training and my easel is the dining room table. Throughout the years my artwork has only been a "hobby".

One of the most enjoyable moments for me is when a young middle school or high school student looks at my work. I will often times think to myself, what do they see, what are they thinking. Could that be me many, many years ago as a student looking at work done by an adult and thinking "wow", I wanna do that! Believe me, "been there, done that"!

That's my ultimate goal in displaying my work. Selling paintings and prints is fine, but to have someone just pause, look at your work, and maybe even share some thoughts or questions, that's as good as it gets.


Artist's Work 1
Artist's Work 2
On Call
Artist's Work 3
Fill'er Up
Artist's Work 4
Eagles Over the Gulf
Artist's Work 5
Boeing Stearman Kaydat Over Athelharnpton Hall
Artist's Work 10

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