Julius Cassani

Julius Cassani

Julius Cassani

Biography and Works

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Artist's Work 1
"Star of Africa" Windsor Newton gouache on Arches 140 lbs paper. WWII Luftwaffe ace Marseille "Star of Africa", this particular painting was done in watercolor, Windsor Newton gouache paints on Aches 140 lbs paper.
Artist's Work 2
"The Third Man" Acrylic on canvas board. 275 Victories on the WWII Eastern front Third ranked fighter pilot in history for aerial victories. This illustration captures the "most memorable event" in the flying career of Luftwaffe General Gunther Rall stationed with JG-52 in Russia. The exploding drop tank of his P-39 victim "scorched his plane like a blowtorch" burning through his fabric flight controls on his Me-109 so severely that he barely returned to base to save his life,
Artist's Work 3
"JV-44 The Jagdverband Experten" Acrylic on canvas board. General Adolf "Dolfo" Galland. All of his 104 victories scored on the Western WWII front. Youngest General in command of the Luftwaffe in WWII. Known as the ''fighting genius from the first to the last; flying during the''Battle of Britain'' to the last days of the war in 1945. This illustration depicts the shooting down of the last U.S. B-26 Marauder bomber, "Spot Cash" by Galland on April 26,1945 flying a Me-262 from his JV-44 squadron comprised of expert Luftwaffe pilots "hand picked by him” to fly the first operational jets in history.
Artist's Work 4
“Galland Portrait” Pencil on paper.
Artist's Work 5
“Hartmann with Dog” Pencil on paper.
Artist's Work 6
“Rudel” Pencil on paper.
Artist's Work 7
“Barkhorn and Hartmann” Pencil on paper.
Artist's Work 10

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