Douglas Castleman

Douglas Castleman

Douglas Castleman

Biography and Works

Doug Dastleman has had an interest in aviation and space exploration history all of his life. He also has a strong passion for art and art history. It is natural for him to combine the two and produce art relating to aviation and aerospace. He strives to not only make technically accurate paintings of the aircraft, but to make the paintings artistically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Douglas has a degree in fine art, which helped him learn the various technical aspects of painting, but learning to paint aircraft accurately is something that only practicing for decades, as well as studying and learning directly from other aviation artists and artists in general, can really accomplish. ...more


He has an extensive and ever growing collection of digital images of aircraft for reference, an extensive aviation library, and also makes use of accurately modeled, assembled and painted plastic kits in the planning and drawing stage of creating an image, be it an oil on canvas or panel, a watercolor, a pencil drawing. They all start the same, with sketches and then careful drawing before any color is applied.

He is an Artist Fellow member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA), a fine organization that is dedicated to promoting aviation art as fine art, and educating the public and encouraging young artists about the subject.

Douglas is also a member of the Society of Illustrators, Los Angeles, and through that organization has been part of the Untied States Air Force Art Program.

The artist has developed a close working relationship with the fine people at the Flight Test Historical Foundation and is honored to get to meet and know many great pilots and engineers associated with that organization.

Douglas has won many awards for his aviation paintings, from local, national and some international competitions.


Artist's Work 1
Apollo - GO For Landing
Artist's Work 2
Corsair Over Mojave
Artist's Work 3
Grumman F-14A
Artist's Work 4
F-4C Phantom II - Edwards AFB
Artist's Work 5
Mustang In Hangar
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 7
Airshow Hellcat
Artist's Work 8
Thunderbird Maintenance
Artist's Work 9
Sentimental Journey
Artist's Work 10
Airshow Sabre

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