Cher Pruys

Cher Pruys

Cher Pruys

Biography and Works

The artistic works of Cher Pruys reflect her respect for the subjects she portrays. Her precise paintings capture every detail providing the viewer with extreme realism as well as evoking a mood that places you at the scene.
Pruys was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and has had her passion for art from a very young age. She is a self taught artist whose work has received international acclaim. Her works may be found in museums, galleries, aviation schools, and both personal and corporate collections worldwide.

Pruys now resides in Devlin, Ontario, where many of her subjects dot the skies above her home on the banks of the Rainy River. Her works have graced the covers of 3 books, and numerous magazine covers. She has done several interviews with CBC radio, and had feature articles in countless magazines and newspapers. Her chosen mediums are watercolor and acrylic, although her large scale murals are in oil.


Artist's Work 1
Artist's Work 2
Miss Mitchell
Artist's Work 3
Miss Virginia
Artist's Work 4
Oshkosh Ready
Artist's Work 5
Red Tail
Artist's Work 6
Artist's Work 10

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