Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson
Artist Fellow

Biography and Works

Charles styled automobiles for Ford Motor Company for thirty-seven years. He is an ASAA Artist Fellow, winning "Best of Show— British Artist" in 1991, "Founder's Awards" in 1993, and 1996, "Merit Awards" in 1995, 1996, and 1997, and the prestigious "James V. Roy Award" for the best painting in show in 1999. …read more...

He is a Full Member and Past Chairman of the British Guild of Aviation Artists, Founder Member of the British Guild of Motoring Artists, Master Artist of the Experimental Aircraft Association, and competition winner of several SimuFlite aviation art contests, in Dallas, Texas. His interest lies in exhibiting work in the above societies and non-aviation venues like the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition in London. His artwork has been published in numerous publications, including his own book, Wings, by Pan Books. His paintings are held in private collections worldwide. His number one aims is capturing light in all his work.


Artist's Work 1
Cold War Reflections
Artist's Work 2
Transatlantic Trials
Artist's Work 3
Spitfires and Spritsails
Artist's Work 4
New Typhoon Arrives at Hendon
Artist's Work 5
Javelin Skin
Artist's Work 6
The Graceful Princess
Artist's Work 10

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