2013 ASAA
International Aerospace Art Exhibition
and Forum

A great ASAA Forum was enjoyed at Baltimore in June, 2013.  
Highlights are listed below.

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View the
2103 ASAA International Aerospace Art Exhibit
in person at the
Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport,
International Terminal, Pier E, public access.
June 23 ­ September 22, 2013.

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Additional information is available from ASAA Executive Secretary Nanette O’Neal.
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The 2013 forum was another week filled with exciting events for artists and guests alike. Here is a summary of the week’s agenda.

The Week at a Glance
Monday, June 24th
Registration and Sightseeing
Tuesday, June 25th

BWI and Classes

We will tour the exhibit in the morning. The artwork will be displayed in the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, international terminal, which holds a gallery space originally created by the ASAA and the Maryland Airport Administration for the purpose of expanding art appreciation to the general public. Since 2007 it has consistently hosted rotating exhibitions from artists in the greater Washington DC area as well as Air Force Art. Since BWI receives a high number of travelers, the ASAA exhibition will be seen by thousands of guests of the airport in its three month display. We will have a catered lunch at the Maryland Aviation Administration building followed by an afternoon of classes, presenters, and workshops featuring Tony Velocci, Miriam Schottland, and Keith Ferris. The evening is set aside for our Opening Reception at the BWI terminal where we will be greeted by local dignitaries and officials. We will have the pleasure of being entertained by
Heather Taylor, local film producer and aviation historian.

Keith Ferris
"Anatomy of the Painting"

ASAA Founder Keith Ferris will discuss the creation of his latest painting "High Tide at Red Beach." The presentation will detail the complete step-by-step process leading to the completion of the painting, from the preliminary sketch, the collecting of structural drawings, photography, and other reference material and the trip to Patuxent River Naval Air Station to get to know the F-35B. The visit to Camp Pendleton is covered leading to the helicopter flight to view the Red Beach STOVL strip, both from the air and on the ground. The Perspective Projection by Descriptive Geometry process is detailed right through the final drawing. The stretching of the canvas is covered, followed by the finishing of the drawing on canvas. A sequence of images follows the painting as it develops right up to the finished framed art. The presentation concludes with the presentation of the original painting to the Marine Corps Commandant of the at the establishment of VMFA-121, the first operational F-35B Squadron at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma on November 20, 2012.

Tony Velocci
"Technologies to Watch"

(Innovative, gee-whiz technologies and capabilities currently emerging from aerospace companies)

ASAA member Tony Velocci was an ardent supporter of ASAA throughout his service as Editor-in- Chief of Aviation Week & Space Technology. Now, on his retirement, Tony continues his support of our mission by keeping us abreast of developments in the world of aerospace.

Tony Velocci

Miriam Schottland
"The Physics of Driving"

Most of us drive automobiles and feel we are good drivers...but are we? This will be an experience not to be missed! Miriam Schottland is a New York commercial artist and civilian Air Force Art combat veteran who moved to Washington 20 years ago. She bought a Porche 911 as her first automobile, and joined the Porche Club to learn how to drive. Within a year she was teaching diplomats and military personnel counter-terrorism driving tactics, offroad, ice driving skills and accident avoidance. Miriam is the Chief Driving Instructor for the Washington DC metropolitan Audi, Cadillac, Corvette, Porche and Volvo Driving Clubs.

Miriam Schottland

Wednesday June 26th

National Electronics Museum
and Classes

We will tour the National Electronics Museum in the morning and spend the afternoon in workshops featuring Mark Pestana, Mark Levitch, Heather Taylor, and Keith Ferris.

The evening is set aside for a tour of the
Benson-Hammond House,
a historical home and plantation in the area.
We will also have a BBQ picnic and some ASAA fun that evening at the plantation.

Mark Pestana
"Flying Unmanned Aircraft Systems"
ASAA member Mark Pestana will present a first hand account of his experience in flying Remotely Piloted Aircraft. Despite the challenges of being a sensory-deprived pilot, he'll describe the unique capabilities and success of these aircraft, and explore issues such as the perceptions of "killer drones" and privacy.
Mark Pestana retired as a NASA Research Pilot and Flight Test Engineer in 2013. He was designated as a Subject Matter Expert in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), leading the development of UAS flight crew operations for NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards AFB, CA. He has been an integral part of NASA's UAS research program in collaboration with the FAA, NTSB, DOD, and DHS. Mark has also flown several aircraft types in support of NASA's Earth Science and Aeronautics Missions, including hurricanes, atmospheric chemistry, rain forest health, wildfire geo-location, wing shape sensing, and supersonic airfoil performance. His previous NASA assignments include the development of astronaut crew operations for assembly of the International Space Station (ISS), and modifications of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft as a "life boat" for ISS. As an artist, Mark's achievements include First Place in Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine's annual competition, Boeing "Spirit of Flight" award, and designing nine Space Shuttle mission
patches for the astronauts.

Mark Levitch
"La Pantheon de la Guerre"
The remarkable story of the creation and subsequent history of this heroic forty-five by four hundred foot cyclorama created by more than 100 individual French artists. Begun shortly after the opening of the "Great European War" in 1914 and completed just weeks before the armistice in November 1918, "Pantheon de la Guerre" was a colossal painting depicting the political and military leaders, heroes and common soldiers of the Allied nations who participated in World War One. Painted by a cadre of more than 100 individual French La Pantheon de la Guerre artists, the forty-five by four-hundred foot cyclorama was a triumphant work when completed in 1918 and a must-see for any soldier on leave in Paris. Comprised of hundreds of full length portraits, many of which are life-sized, the painting started as a tribute to the French effort and expanded to encompass the entirety of the Allied efforts during the war. Unprecedented in scale, the work stood alone as an artistic tribute to the Allied nations and was, in its time, the largest painting in the world. Dr. Levitch has extensively researched the painting and it's fascinating history and will recount its conception, purpose, creation and its ultimate fate in a remarkable story that leads from Paris to Baltimore and ultimately to Kansas City, Missouri.
Heather Taylor
"Breaking Through the Clouds"
The remarkable story of the first women's transcontinental air race and the making of the film capturing the drama of this first "Powder Puff Derby". Our past President Michael O'Neal and his 1929 Fleet Biplane appear in the film. Film-maker Heather Taylor has spent a good portion of her adult life recapturing the excitement, drama and competition of the first women's transcontinental air race. The 1929 event, commonly referred to as "The Powderpuff Derby," has been her inspiration for a marvelous documentary that recounts the events and personalities of this famous air race. Heather's passion for the subject, determination as a researcher, skill as a film-maker and artist's eye pay tribute to the people and machines which animated this groundbreaking event. Using clips of her multiple award-winning documentary Breaking Through The Clouds: The First Women's National Air Derby, executive producer Heather Taylor will show various artistic techniques used in the film and discuss some of the challenges she encountered in producing this historical documentary.

Thursday June 27th

Thursday June 27th
National Air and Space Museum—
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

Our bus trip to the National Air and Space Museum—Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center,
is an all-day affair with sightseeing, drawing and painting. We will be encouraging
small groups of artists to mentor and impart drawing and painting tips and techniques
during this full day of hands-on activity. Bring your drop cloth, paint box, and an open imagination,
then make yourself comfortable in front of your favorite aircraft and let go!
Spouses are encouraged to join us or use the day for their own sightseeing travels.

Friday June 28th

Art Classes
This is an ASAA filled day, with classes given by our founder’s chairs,
Gil Cohen and John Clark. To wrap things up, Gail Peck will give a presentation on his experience with America’s Secret MiG Squadron. We will have the evening to explore Baltimore Inner Harbor, and perhaps take in a baseball game at Camden Yards where the Orioles will host the New York Yankees.
Come join us in a little all-American fun.


ASAA Founder's Chair
Gil Cohen
ASAA Founder's Chair
Gil Cohen

"Drawing the Human Figure"
This classic Gil Cohen figure drawing class is designed to enhance participants' ability to draw the human figure in action. The essence of this class is to obtain an emotional connection between the artist and the figure that he/she is drawing. The object is to focus on the action of the figure, that is, what the figure is doing, not on details such as likeness. We have an excellent site for this class at BWI Airport: workers loading and unloading cargo. Supplies for this class should include pencils, erasers, drawing pad, small pencil sharpeners or knife, plus a container to hold sharpening debris. In addition, if you wish, you may bring markers, pens, pastels, or small portable easels. The use of oil paints for this class is discouraged.

ASAA Founder's Chair
John Clark

ASAA Founder's Chair
John Clark

"Leonardo da Vinci"

We discuss the valuable lessons for our modern traditional artists to be found in Leonardo Da Vinci's note books, writings and body of work. An in-depth discussion of how Da Vinci's revelations can inspire our work today. ASAA Founders' Chair, ASAA Charter Member, fine artist, past president, exhibition chairman and lecturer John Clark has covered classical traditional art and that of the Old Masters with terrific presentations in our forums over 26 years. He will discuss the lessons to be learned from the extensive body of drawings, notes, writings and paintings left to us by Leonardo Da Vinci almost 500 years ago.

Gaillard "Evil" Peck,
Col. USAF (Ret.)
"The Red Eagles"
developing and leading America's Secret MiG Squadron
Here is a rare opportunity to learn of the Secret United States squadron developed to maximize the ability of American fighter pilots to defeat Soviet built Mikoyan & Gurevich MiG fighters which still equips so many air forces around the world. Gail Peck is a retired career Air Force Fighter Pilot who graduated with the 4th graduating class of the Air Force Academy in 1962. He flew 163 F-4D combat missions over North Vietnam and Laos, including 100 night combat missions. A graduate of the Fighter Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Gail was to return as the Air-to-Air Flight Commander in the F-4 Weapons School. While following Moody Suter as Air Force Tactics Officer in the "Black World" of the "Fighter Shop" in the basement of the Pentagon, Peck initiated "Constant Peg", the secret project which led to the acquisition of aircraft, establishment and command of the secret Tonapah, Nevada base and initial operations flying Mig -17s, Mig-21s (and later MiG-23s) as aggressor support for Red Flag and other Airto- Air training. "Constant Peg" was to bring Air Force and Navy pilots to a degree of proficiency in defeating MiGs never before achieved. Col. Peck continues to serve our country as a contract instructor with the F-15 and F-22 Weapons Schools at Nellis. We look forward to this most rewarding presentation.

Gaillard "Evil" Peck,
Col. USAF (Ret.)

Saturday June 29th

Classes and Banquet

Critique Class and Youth Art Class are both scheduled in the morning. Sightseeing will be in the afternoon, either at the Mall in Washington DC or Baltimore Inner Harbor. BWI will be the location of our Awards Banquet held that evening, with a special keynote speaker TBA.

Priscilla Patterson and Student


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