Steve Anderson, ASAA 
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1661 Chernus La 
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Chino Hills 
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(714) 985-0307 
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Biography :
Steve Anderson has had a passion for aviation art since his tour in the U.S. Navy in the late 1960's, when he worked with jet aircraft. He has enjoyed a varied career, ranging from teaching fine arts, to creating Emmy award-winning special effects, to show design at Walt Disney Imagineering. Several of his works are included in the touring exhibit and accompanying book, The Architecture of Reassurance: Building Disney's Theme Parks, and his design influence can be seen in the parks and the cruise ship, "Disney Magic." In painting, air combat remains a favorite subject for Steve. When he's not painting new additions for his "Red Baron" series, he's generally working on a canvas showing a slice of life of World War II aviators, or building and painting models of the planes involved in aviation battles of both World Wars.